Once you have written your masterpice, you’ll need to find a publisher. There are two main options.

Traditional print publishing

Most publishers will be delighted to receive your story. However, they may not be able to accept your story for several reasons other than quality.

  • They already have a similar title published or planned
  • It doesn’t fit the theme or style of their currently published books
  • It doesn’t meet their compliance requirements – some publishers have to be very careful about topcis such as violence, drugs, pre-marital sex etc.  because your title may be read in schools. Check with your publisher.

If you wish to check the levelling of your text, you can use ER-Centrals’ Online Graded Text Editor


E-publishing is becoming more popular and has several advantages over normal print publications.

  • Publication is usually faster
  • Lower cost – no distribution and stockage charges
  • Updates can be immediate
However, remuneration is often lower.

Various companies will host your materials and sell them for you. Here are some examples. However, most of them don’t operate in ELT and therefore you’ll likely have trouble getting your materials noticed. Some ELT publishers have their own websites that link to their materials hosted by others or themselves such as ESL Reading and Gradedreading.com