EFL Technologies (the developer of OGTE) can offer special editions of OGTE

 We can offer:

  • customized wordlists
  • wordlist management panel
  • multi-user secure login
  • ability to upload and manipulate your own wordlists
Your wordlists should include all inflections and derivatives not just headwords. This is because if your text contains words like misuse or eaten but only has USE and EAT then misuse and eaten will appear out of list which will severely mess up your statistics.  Each word should have its own level, too. 

The preferred format is as follows. Note that all the family members are there and they are assigned to the level they are. Here eat is level 3 but the past form is level 4.

eat <tab>3
use <tab>4

If your list is formatted this way and you don’t mind it being publicly displayed we can add it for about $200 (almost at cost). If you want the list on a custom version of OGTE with its own url and password, then that will cost extra. Please contact us.

If your list is nor formatted this we we can add the families and their levels for you. This will take more of our time of course and will raise the cost also.

We want you to use OGTE so we’ll make it as cheap as possible for you.

 Contact us for more details.