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This guide demonstrates all the features of OGTE and shows you how to use it. Basically you copy some text, select a wordlist and intended target level, paste in the text and press GO. Then OGTE will analyse the text for you.


OGTE has several areas.

Top left are the wordlist and level selections for the selected wordlistIn the List and Level area, you select a wordlist against which OGTE will analyze your text. Here New GSL and NAWL are selected. You should set the level at the target level you intend the finished text to be at.


The General list is the default list based on the Extensive Reading Foundation’s Graded reading scale

On the right are the word analysis statistics. Select the statistics you want from the selector at the top of the field

At the bottom are the statistics for the document as a whole

The colors

After you press the GO button you will see the text colors change

OUT OF LIST words (Red in the text)

This is the list of words that are red in the text field. These words are red because they are not in the any of the 16 levels of the currently selected General list. It is likely these are probably proper nouns (Smith, Dave, SONY and so on) or quite rare words (discombobulate, concatenate) and are probably strong targets for editing out of your text before you give it to students. NOTE: You may find a few words appearing here that shouldn’t be – for example words with two-bit characters and some with punctuation – we’re on the case and are trying to fix it.

IN LIST words (Black or Black with Red underlines in the text)

The words in this table are the words from your text which are within the list you selected (e.g. within the 16 levels of the General list). This list is useful for analyzing the vocabulary profile of your whole text.

IN LEVEL words (Black in the text)

These words are in the list you selected (e.g. the General list) and within the level you selected. For example, if you selected Level 5, then this list shows you all the words in your text that are from Levels 1-5.

OUT OF LEVEL words (Black with red underlines in the text)

These words are within the list you selected (e.g. the General list) but are outside the selected level. For example, if you selected Level 5, the Out of Level list in the left panel (once selected) shows all the words from your text from levels 6-16. These are likely to be words you may wish to edit out of your text to bring it nearer to the target – Level 5.

IGNORE LIST (Green words in the text)

These are words you have chosen for the system to ignore when calculating the percentages in each word type category. If your target is to say ensure that 95% of the vocabulary in your text is within the selected level, but currently it’s only 85%, you may wish to ignore the proper nouns which are difficult to edit out. Doing this will increase the in-level coverage to nearer 95%. You only need to select them once. The system will color all instances of that word automatically.


This is an overview of all the above tables in one place.


Other features

By selecting a word in the text and clicking the Ignore this word button, OGTE will ignore the selected word in its analysis.

Clicking Export text will save the current text field to your own computer without colors and formatting as at text file called content.txt in the default download directory of your browser. The file can be opened in any word processor.

You adjust the size of the text by selecting these options.


OGTE is still in development and will have some bugs. We’d appreciate being informed of any bugs or problems you find (please give us as much detail as possible) by contacting us at feedback@er-central.com.

If for whatever reason it crashes or freezes or just seems to work oddly, then you can refresh OGTE by selecting CMD+R for Macintosh and CTRL+F5 for Windows. Note that doing this will delete your data and any changes you have made. Our suggestion is you select Export Text and save it to your computer before refreshing. You may also wish to export the analysis in the analysis windows. After refresh, you’ll need to select your list and level again.