Bulk registering your students on ER-Central

Read these instructions carefully. If you format it incorrectly the system will reject your uploads

After upload all your students will be put in the "All Students" category

1. OPTIONAL. If you wish, you can create a class with "from-to" start and finish dates to check what they have done between these dates. Note that they will ALSO be in All Students category which show all their data for the entire time the students are on ER-Central. The Class only shows the data for their reading, listening and word learning between the two class dates.

Make note of the class code you need this for the upload. NB do not confuse the class code with the class name!!! Most upload errors happen due to this confusion.

2. Download this excel spreadsheet you need to input the student data. Note the spreadsheet must be .xls format not .xlsx. If your file is .xlsx, then go to File/Save as… and select. If it is .xls go to the next step.

3. Enter your students' data (after deleting the sample data) as shown below using the class code from Step 1, (or use the All Students code if you do not want to put them into a specific class). You can have students with the class code and the All students code in the same upload sheet. In this example it is Eng-7-2019. Do not use the class name (English1) or the upload will fail.

We advise inputting names and schoolid (school number) so that you can easily recognize who is who when you download the data.  

NB a) School Id is their school number if they have one. If not, this can be blank.

b) You do not need to enter an email if you do not wish, but emails can be used to recover lost passwords

4. When making the data sheet make sure that:-

a) All usernames on ER-Central must be unique. We suggest adding a code to make sure all the students are unique to the system. In the sample above we used 'NDSU_schoolid_name'. Here NDSU is the school name

b) There should be no spaces in usernames or passwords

c) There should be no punctuation ( !"$#`?< > etc.)

d) There should be no duplicate usernames

e) REMOVE blank rows of data at the bottom of your list in the bulk upload file or they may show up as data and the system will flag them

You can use capitals or lowercase and numbers and dashes (-)

5. Login to your school (Institution account) if you are not here already. From the main page of your account select the main "Bulk Registration" menu item (you will come here).

6.Click Choose File below. Select your excel file e.g. "Bulk Upload". Check the "Click here to confirm you have authority to upload these data" box and click "Bulk Register".

Bulk upload students

7.You will see a confirmation field. If there are errors such as duplicate names or incorrect class code, fix them on the excel sheet and try again. You can fix them on the upload confirmation sheet but then you have a mismatch between your excel sheet and the data on the system.

8.After you are successful check your students have been put in the right class. Note that all students will be put in the 'All Students' category as described above.

9.Tell your students their username and password. After first login they must enter some data and take a placement test to find their reading and listening levels. Then they can use the system.


We suggest adding a prefix to usernames to make sure they are unique to the system. E.g. for ABC school maybe the username may be ABCSchool-Susan You do not need to add givename, familyname, or email, but if you don't you need to remember who is who

After upload give the username and password to the students