For very young learners you may ask the parents to ask their child to read their books to them at bed time.  This has been done with amazing levels of success in many places as it helps child-parent bonding as well as giving the child a reason to use English out of class and builds the school-home relationship. Some teachers give small sheet of paper with the book to give to the parents – the parents fill it in and the child returns it with the book. The questions should take no more than a minute to complete or parents won’t do it either! It may look like this.

Name__________Book Title ______________  Book Number __________My child        ___  enjoyed this book   ___ thought it was okay    ___ didn’t like it

It was            ___ easy to read            ___ a good level         ___ a bit difficult

My child       ___ understood it all    ___ understood most of it      ___ didn’t understand much

Some words my child didn’t know were :




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