From Jim Swan  Nov 2010

I used to push all my ER materials around on two big dollies, but the admin agreed to dedicate one classroom to all my ER classes and to scrounge up a cabinet for all my stuff.  On the top of the cabinet you see one copy of SRA set 2a, plus a clear plastic box that holds my graded reader collection.  Most of the GRs are in circulation for homework reading, so the box is pretty empty now.


Inside the cabinet you can see all the other reading material that I accumulated from here and there over the years.  They’re all stored in portable plastic boxes, too, so that the cabinet can be unpacked and repacked relatively quickly.  I avoided using GRs for many years, before finally biting the bullet and spending last year’s whole budget on some. They’ve been well received, but this year few if any students have shown any interest in weaning themselves off them, to step up to the materials that used to be my standard.  That’s a commentary both on my collection and on the relative drop in proficiency among incoming students at Nara U.

For classwork, we use the SRA set.  I took these shots while the students were working on Power Builders.  Here you see the different levels spread out across the front of the room. We had already finished with Rate Builders for the day, and they’ve have been repacked into the orange box near the door.