Here are some links to additional reading about Extensive reading. If you find any more, please let us know.


The Extensive Reading Foundation’s Guides to Extensive Reading (Click to download)

There are also guides in Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Farsi, Portuguese, Chinese and many more languages here.

The Oxford University Press Japan’s Guides to Extensive Reading (click to download)

Oxford University Press Japan’s Guide to Graded Reading Programs in Japan (click to download)

Oxford University Press “Bringing extensive reading into the classroom” (not downloadable)

Compass Media Guide to Extensive Reading and Graded Readers (Click to download from the Compass site)


Day, R, and Bamford, J. 1998. Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom, 1998 Cambridge University Press.

Bamford, J and R. Day. 2004. Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language, Cambridge University Press

Various Publisher’s Guides to ER/EL

Penguin’s Guide – available only after signup and login!!!! (Note to Penguin: Why make it hard for people to learn about ER???) For those who can’t be bothered, here are some older Penguin Guides.

Macmillan Guide (read online)

Black Cat (Cideb) Guide