Extensive Reading presentations by various people. You may also wish to watch some of the ER/EL videos, too.

We’ll be listing many more of these in time. Come back soon.


MOARS Extensive Reading Survey Presentation July 1, 2012 in Nagoya Pellowe and Holster


First World Congress on Extensive Reading. Kyoto 2011 and proceedings

Extending extensive reading by Maria Lisak Mugaksa


ERJ Seminar 2010  Hokkaido.
Extensive reading  (needs Flash)


Extensive Reading in Japan Seminar 2009


JALT: Rick Romanko — Developing a strategic approach to self-selecting graded readers (MSW .doc 93kb)


Extensive Reading Colloquium at JALT 2003 List of presenters with abstracts and links to handouts

Other presentations on ER at JALT 2003


Extensive Reading in Practice — JALT 2002

Clive Lovelock — Children’s Stories — A Familiar Context to Boost Vocabulary, Prior to Extensive Reading

Rory Rosszell — Reading Together or Alone – What Did My Learners Prefer? (MSW .doc 188kb)

Ken Schmidt — Implementing Independent Reading in a Self-Access Program

Atsuko Takase — The Effects of Extensive Reading on Japanese High School Students


ER Colloquium at JALT 2000 (Shizuoka)

Starting Extensive Reading Programs at Universities, Vocational Schools and Language Schools Julian Bamford & Roberta Welch

Extensive Reading in the EFL Class Ronan Brown

How are graded readers best used? Rory Rosszell


Implementing an Effective Extensive Reading Program Tom Robb et al. PAC2 Korea


Handout from Extensive Reading Forum at JALT ’98 — Major Sections

  • Definitions, Theory, benefits & Evidence
  • Integrating Extensive Reading into the Curriculum
  • Running a Program
  • Reading material: Keep it simple!
  • Graded Readers Chart Circa 1997 from Hill’s ELTJ aricle