This page shows some ways that you can develop an EL program, choose materials

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Planning an EL program

The following items need t be considered carefully when panning an EL program


A major concern of EL programs is getting the right materials at the right level for your students. Then there are decisions about where to store the materials and listening devices so they don’t get stolen. iPads and mp3 players are good targets for theft.


Teachers may be unwilling to take responsibility for these devices if they feel they will in some way be blamed for their loss.


A student’s reading level is not necessarily the same as her listening level. It’s worth dedicating some ascertain the relative ability of your students when reading and listening to the same graded reader. You can ask them to read one section and then listen to the next. Then you ask them about which they felt was easier or more difficult, more or less comfortable etc. You can then aggregate these data to build up a class profile. If most of your class exhibit similar comprehension when reading or listening to the same material, then you need not give any further advice. IF there is a difference (especially a significant difference) then you’ll need to remind the learners to choose listening materials at a level higher or lower than their reading level. You may even need to test each learner to find their reading and listening speeds.