How do I keep learners motivated with their reading?

Keeping high levels of motivation is a key to successful reading. It is important not to overwhelm the students at first so that they do not feel negative about having to read.  Here are a few ideas you may wish to try:

Have an interesting library with posters, displays, post book reviews on the wall etc

Have them look at all the books in the library, tell them to make a reading list for the semester.

Give higher grades for students who read more (best do this by number of pages than number of books)

Have wall chart of which student has read how many pages. The top  readers get higher grades, prize etc.

Have ‘book spots’ – students tell the class which books they like

They keep a ‘reading log’ of what they have read throughout the week. Everything from textbooks, readers, road signs, posters, adverts etc.

“My best reader’ discussions help others choose good books. The most popular books can be labeled with a star on the cover or ‘best read’ ‘class favorite’ stickers.

Hold a ‘reading marathon’ e.g. at a school festival. Students compete to read the most in a set time – e.g. 8 hours. Books at different lengths or difficulties could be labeled ‘1km’ or ‘3km’. They have to read 42km (a marathon distance. This can be used to ask people to sponsor people to read at say $1 per book, or 1000 words and use the money to buy books.

Start a Book Club / Reading Corner at your school. Students discuss their favorites.

Give each student a ‘Reading Partner’ so they can share their reading experiences and ask if they have trouble. Put students in pairs who are roughly similar in reading ability.

Hold ‘Best reader Awards’ for the top student in the class.

Ask students to vote on the top ten books in the library.