Starting an ER program can be simple or very time consuming depending on needs. Some ER programs consist of nothing more than a bag of books and some good will. Other programs serve with dozens of teachers and thousands of students who use a dedicated library with online support, full grading and assessment. Whatever type of program you start, you probably have to “Think big, start small” by imagining what the Extensive Reading program might look like in 5 year’s time. You may wish to look at some ER programs in other institutions.

The following pages will help you to develop your program, But first you may wish to fid out about different types of ER program from which you can choose elements that might work for you.

Types of ER program

This page shows you your options for the various types of ER program you may introduce.

Planning the program

This page shows you how to plan a program, what kind of books to buy, how much reading needs to be done and so on.

Setting up the program

This page steps you through how to set up the program after you have planned what you will be doing

Introducing the program

Once the program is set up, the books and material bought and the classes set, this page steps you through how to introduce the extensive reading to your students to make sure they are not overwhelmed and the ensure there is a high change the ER program will survive in the long term.