What is the right level for Extensive Listening?

What is the right level for EL?

·       A comfort zone where the learner feels comfortable and not threatened with what may come

·       Text that the learner can cope with adequately using already learned listening strategies

The relationship between ease and possible achievement in EL

Reading level



(Very) easy material

* builds recognition speed

* helps learners ‘chunk’

* text more likely to be enjoyed

* focused on understanding and interacting with the text

* may not meet much  new language

* some learners may mistakenly dismiss it as ‘not helping’

A little difficult

* will meet some new language

* probably can be enjoyed

* can’t build recognition speed much

* Need to stop frequently

* will be in “study” mode

Very difficult

* there are lots of new things to study

* the text may just be noise

* they will probably not learn much from the text

* probably will dent confidence