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The Thief and His Mother
- By Pablo

This is a story of how not to be a mother.

A boy stole a book from one of his friends and took it home to his mother. Surprisingly, she did not get angry with him!!! She sold the book and got some money. She encouraged him to steal more! He next time stole a coat and brought it to her, and she again sold it.

The young man spent years stealing things and giving them to his mother to make money. He stole more expensive things. At last he was caught stealing. The police took him away, tied his hands and took him to jail. The judge decided he stole so much he should die.

His mother followed in the crowd and sorry for what had happened to her son. The young man saw his mother and said, "I wish to say something to my mother in her ear." She came close to him, and he quickly held her ear and with his teeth, he bit it off!

His mother got very angry with him and wanted to hit him. The boy then replied, "Ah! if you had hit me when I first stole and brought things to you, I would not be here and facing death."




Adapted from under the free-to use license