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The Two Garcons Part 1
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Jeff Garcon had never been so bored. He was more than bored, he was unhappy and angry, too. Here he was, living in Monroe, Louisiana. Monroe!? Louisiana!!? How did that happen? Jeff could not believe it had been two weeks since his family moved away from Wisconsin. It seemed like much longer than that. Jeff was a junior in high school, and a star basketball player. He couldn't be pulled out right now! Basketball season was going to start in less than a month! He didn't want to change schools. He had his friends, both boys and girls. He was in the Spanish club. This was completely wrong! Jeff had plans. And moving to Monroe, Louisiana was not part of the plan. His father, Jackson Garcon, told him, "I know this seems like a bad time for you to leave your old high school. But you'll make new friends. You're a fantastic basketball player. The Monroe Central High School team is really good, I've heard. A lot of college basketball coaches go to their games. I know you want to go to college in Wisconsin. But why not give Louisiana a chance, too? You can choose from more colleges that way." Jeff answered, "It's not just the basketball, Dad. It's my friends, my life. I'm in Spanish Club, remember? We're raising money to visit Mexico City, remember? Come on, Dad!" Jackson Garcon waited. Then he said, "I remember. Look, Jeff. This seems bad now. But in a few months you'll think it's great. This is an important time for your mother. She can start her own doctor's office here. And you know she wants to work in a city like Monroe. And we can be closer to my family here." Jackson Garcon had been born in Monroe. He had a mother and father, and sisters and brothers living in Monroe. Jeff had cousins living in Monroe. The Garcons were an old family. Everyone in Monroe knew the name Garcon. Jeff was too unhappy to think about those things. "Yeah, I get it." But he didn't feel like he wanted to "get it." And so here he was in his bedroom in Monroe, Louisiana. It was just after Christmas. Their new house was full of boxes. His mother, Eve, was a doctor. But she was gone all day. She was busy getting her new office ready. Jeff started school in a few days. It was like a bad dream. Now read Part 2