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A Movie
- By Lisa.P

"I'm leaving now!" Rina calls out to her mother.

"Where are you going," asks her mother. Rina's mother comes to the front door to talk to Rina.

"I'm meeting a friend. We are going to the movies," says Rina.

"Who is the friend?" asks Rina's mother.

"Just a friend. You don't know her. She is new at my school," says Rina.

"Where is the movie?" asks Rina's mother.

"Just at the local movie theatre. I will be home by 10 p.m."

"That's a long time. When does the movie start?" asks Rina's mother.

"It starts at 8 o'clock. We will go shopping and then go for a hamburger before the movie."

"OK. Have a nice time and don't come home later than 10 o'clock."

Rina meets her new friend at the railway station. They do not plan to go to the movies. They are going to Shinjuku. Rina's new friend is called Nano. She is very smart. She came to Rina's school at the beginning of April. She came from Roppongi. Rina is proud because Nano is her friend.

Nano thinks that Hotsuka is a very boring town.

"Come into Tokyo with me," she said to Rina. "We will have a great time. It will be fun."

Nano and Rina take the train to Yokohama. Then they take a train to Shinjuku. Nano sees some young men sitting at the end of the train car. Nano pulls Rina towards the young men. She sits down near them. The young men start talking to them. Rina looks at the floor. Nano is talking very loudly.

The young men are drinking. One of the men gives a bottle to Nano - she drinks some beer. Another young man gives his bottle to Rina.

Rina shakes her head. She does not want to drink. She is very unhappy. Nano talks and talks. She drinks a lot. At Shinjuku station, Rina and Nano leave the train with the young men. Nano is holding the arm of one of the young men.

"Where shall we go?" Nano asks the young man.

"How about Kabuki-cho? I know some good bars there," he says.

"Great," Nano laughs loudly. Rina thinks she might be drunk.

" Nano!" says Rina. "I don't like it. I don't want to go to a bar. I want to go back!"

"Rina! Don't be a baby! It will be fun!" answers Nano.

"No," says Rina. "You go. I am going back. See you later."

Rina goes back into Shinjuku Station. She finds a train for Yokohama. On the train she sits next to an old lady. Rina is very tired. When Rina gets to her house, her mother is surprised.

"You are home early, " she says. "Look! It is only 8.30!"

"How was the movie?"

"I didn't like it. So I left early," Rina says. "I won't go to that kind of movie again."

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