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Changing  life
- By Darinsclass


1st chapter (Riho)

Everyone around me admires my face, parents, house and life. They even say I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I used to think so too. Because my family was very rich and I had a lot of friends. But I was misunderstanding. It is real that my parents were very rich though my friends weren’t real. They were just being with me because I was well known by many people. So when my father's company bellied up, none of my friends cared about me. When I heard about it, everything in my sight became grey and I couldn't think about anything. Also I didn't feel anything that they weren't real friends. I thought I lost everything at that time. In that situation, only Sakura, a very kind girl, talked to me. I'm not the type of a person that expresses the feeling much and my parents didn't notice about it too. How could she know that? Anyway, I felt saved by that and I could know what real friends are for the first time. Even though I could know what friends are and enjoy myself from my heart for the first time, I had to leave school and go somewhere else.

2nd chapter (Sakura)

I’m sure everyone thinks me an ordinary girl. I’m not so clever, can’t run so fast and not so rich. However, I have a special secret that no one knows. It is that I have an ability that I can know people’s thoughts and feelings. When we talk about the special ability with friends, many people say they want an ability that they can know what people are thinking. However, I can’t understand this at all. This ability distresses me very much. When I’m just walking at school, voices speaking ill of someone in their hearts comes into my ears. Not only hearing it, but also, I can know some kind people’s secret that they are just pretending kindness and they are actually mean. So, I came to distrust people’s being.

But I don’t want people to know about this ability. I’m afraid of being terrified. When I noticed that my classmate, Riho was being depressed, I was really surprised. She doesn’t look like that. Anyway, it was real that she felt hopelessness, I decided to talk to her if she’s OK. She seemed to be surprised but she opened her heart and we talked together. In our school, she was like a queen and I couldn’t still believe I’m talking with her. She was kinder than I thought and I could know that she isn’t a person who speaks ill of other people. And surprisingly, we hit it off together. So, we became good friends, though Riho had to move. I was really sad but promised to keep in touch.

3rd chapter

Because Sakura realized Riho’s thoughts and became a friend of her so, she was better than before. She used to think there were only bad things about moving. However, she found a good point. It is that she can be with my parents longer than before. She used to be alone at home so this was quite happy. Even though her father’s company bellied up, he was the top of the company and still had money in his bank.

"I’ll use this money for restarting the company again in a different way. " He said.

"Well, I do understand. But let’s use it for enjoying ourselves. For example, going to the place that Riho wants to go. " Her mother said.

"Oh, you must be genius. That’s the best idea. Riho, where do you want to go? " He asked.

When Riho heard it, no place came up in her mind. So, she said

"Oh, I don’t actually have a place where I want to go. It’s enough for me if I can stay together. "

Riho’s parents looked at each other and my mother even cried a little then said

"My little honey, I’m so sorry for leaving you alone. From now, let’s make up our time that we lost in the past together. "

She said "Yes. "

She felt happy and thought that she got back the feeling of joy. After having a good time as a family, he finally decided to restart his company. However, in the house, there wasn’t enough money to restart it. So she decided to be a model. At first, she thought of being a part-time worker. But the money she can earn in an hour was too cheap. Then, she thought of being a model. She have been scouted many times from famous companies. However, she had refused it. Though this time, she will accept it. Model was more fun than she expected. It is able to earn a lot of money, make friends with many people and the most happy thing is that there will be fans that encourage her all the time. There existence saved her many times when she thought of quitting model and the haters said mean things. She managed to be a top model of a magazine in her first year and got a lot of money. At that time, Model was being one of the things that is necessary in her life. Though, there was a bad thing too. It is people who come around her because of the increase of her popularity.

4th chapter

Riho liked the job as a model very much though people trying to be around her because of her popularity was annoying for her. Also, they were worse than the people at the school before.

Even though they hadn’t made a promise, they said

"Riho, you remember the promise that we are going to hang out on Sunday, right? "

Not only that, but also they said to other students

"Hey, you. You are annoying. Go away and give that space to Riho. Riho, isn’t she annoying? "

They spoke ill of Riho if she refused playing with them and acted superior to other students because Riho is famous at school. To continue as a model, they were fatal things. So, she decided to put up with them. However, of course, that made her feel like leaving the company and become a normal girl again. She actually said once though the top of the company said "Why don’t you use your special ability of making people happy? "

She didn’t have a determination at that time so she decided to continue it. But that decision wasn’t good for her. After being told like that, her friends became more annoyed of her and she began to care about haters more than before. It was very stressful for her and didn’t give her happiness anymore. So, she finally made up her mind to quit the job. The feeling of joy didn’t disappear though she lost a little.

She was in the 3rd grade in the junior high school so it was a good timing too. She studied really hard to go to a good high school in order not to be with friends that give her stress.

5th chapter

The day of the entrance examination came. Everyone around her seemed to be nervous and she could even hear little noise such as people breathing. When someone made a big noise, usually, people look back to the people though in that place. On the contrary, no one did. They were just staring at the textbook. Then, the exam started. There was noise of writing on the paper, the thing that make us feel more nervous.

About 5 hours later, it finished. Riho went home and waited for the result. Her family made a wish to the god many times and waited in front of the computer for more than 30 minutes. However, when they clicked on the link as fast as they could, the sever went down. So they waited for 5 minutes and looked at it. Fortunately, Riho managed to go to a high school that is known for its cleverness. Riho was really glad about it and the feeling of joy returned to her. Not only her, but also her family seemed to be happier than her. They jumped, cried, hugged then begun eating dinner.

She thought one of her dreams came true. It is to enjoy her school life as an ordinary student. When she realized it, the feeling of hope returned to her. She felt her emotions being fuller than before with something warm.

6th chapter

The first day going to school had come. A new uniform, a new school bag, a new experience and new friends. All of them made her very excited. When she went out from her house, the sky was more clear, the air was more delicious and birds’ songs were more beautiful than usual.

She got on a train and walked for a minute then arrived to the very big school. She entered the school and went to the classroom. When, she arrived, everyone gathered around her with shining eyes. Always, that is very annoying though now, it is very helpful for her. It’s because it will help her with making friends.

"Hello. I’m Riho. I used to be a model about a year ago and some of you may know me. I hope I can make good friends and have a school life filled with joy. " Riho said in a joyful voice.

That information turned quickly that everyone in school knew about it after an hour. Because she was very popular as a model, there were people crying and lining up to her classmate to shake hands with her. She became the most popular student at school in just one day. Riho was so happy and enjoyed the day. She felt excitement. Her heart got warmer again.

7th chapter

Riho really enjoyed her school life. Everyone gathered around her, she joined two club activities and played with many of her friends on weekends. She was very busy that it sometimes reminds her of the time when she was working as a model. However, comparing with that time and this time, this time is much better than that time so she was very happy and even admired herself at the past about the decision she had made. She still had a little worry if she has any regrets to the job though, this time, she was certain she had no regrets.

At the end of the year, she had done most of the thing she wanted to do in the 3 years in high school.

"Riho, let’s go to an amusement park!! I really want to go there now. " One of her friends said in a excited voice.

"Wow, that’s great. Let’s go! How about staying overnight at the official hotel near the amusement park? Isn’t that great? " Riho said .

Riho’s father’s company succeeded in refinancing so she had once again become very rich. She was not only wealthy, but also clever. So, she was pretty free comparing to other’s parents and because of that, she played with her friends any time and anywhere.

8th chapter

However, after April, having changed the class, something seemed to be different from last year. Even classmates that were the same class last year didn’t talk to her. Not only them, but also new classmates didn’t talk to her too. She became a little worried if she did something bad. So, she asked some classmates secretly.

"Um, did I do something stupid? It’s OK if you don’t want to say it. "

"Well, you didn’t do anything bad though there is something I can’t talk to you about. I’m so sorry Riho. " Most of them said so.

They said so and left the place as quickly as they could checking no one is around the place. In Riho’s mind, there was only this word "Why? Why? Why? " She even cried alone in her room silently.

A week later, Riho could finally learn why everyone began to avoid her. It was because of Risa, one of her new classmates. Riho didn’t know her though others did. She was famous for her appearance that was pretty like a model and her character that bullies people, she thought that was annoying. The way she bullied was very mean. She never used her hand to hit the person. Instead of that, she spread bad rumors, ignored and made that person be alone at class. Her classmate didn’t want to be bullied by Risa. So they decided not to be with Riho. That was the safest way to avoid being the target.

As everyone predicted, Risa talked to Riho.

"Hi, Riho. I’m Risa Yamamoto. Nice to meet you. I’m happy if we can become friends. " Risa said.

When Riho noticed the reason, she was very frustrated with Risa though not to break her ideal school life, she said

"Nice to meet you too. I’m Riho Yamada. I hope I can be friends with you too. "

They only talked for a few words that day.

9th chapter

The next day, things really changed. Risa was waiting at the station near the school for Riho. Riho couldn’t believe that Risa who is a quick temper was waiting for her. At the same time, she thought "From today, my school life will change from the one last year. "

"Hi Riho. " Risa said in a very big and cute voice while running toward her.

Then everyone turned their faces to them because this was a surprise. Particularly, boys were captivated by her cuteness.

They arrived at school.

"Did you see Riho and Risa at the station today? They were so cute and I even thought they were angels. " There were people talking like that.

Risa was satisfied with it. She had predicted that it would be like this if they were together. To be more famous and popular, Risa tried to be with her all the time at school. Even when Riho went to the restroom. On the other hand, Riho didn’t notice what was in Risa’s mind at all. So she enjoyed her new kind of school life. At the same time, she realized that she likes to be paid attention to by many people like a model and looked back to the time she was a model. She thought that she might had had some regrets. This time, she had no stress in her school life and everything was going well so she decided to make an account on the SNS and be famous in it. At first, there were worries that haters might send a lot of message. But there were no worries about that now. Instead of haters, many fans that have waited for her send a lot of message that made Riho very energetic. And that increased in an amazing speed. The people looking at her account reached over 50,000 people only in a week. After a month, the people looking at it reached 400,000. Riho couldn’t believe it too so she was filled with joy.

"Risa, the number of people looking at my account finally reached 400,000 yen! I can’t believe it even now. To give thanks to them, I want to do something. Are there any ideas? " She asked.

"Hmmm, I do have a good idea. Though I will tell you if you post something about me with the tag that can skip to my account easily. " Risa said.

"What do you mean? " Riho said with a doubt that Risa might be one of the people who came around her because of her popularity.

Her happiness faded a little and the hard memory that was hidden behind the flowery memory came into her mind. Risa noticed that Riho’s face expression changed a little. Not to break the relationships she had made, she said

"Riho, it’s just a joke. Don’t be serious. The idea is to ask your fans what they want you to do. After having those ideas, choose the thing you thought was best. "

That was an idea that wasn’t in Riho’s mind. So she said

"Thank you, that’s a good idea. " with a calmer voice than usual not to show the feeling that Riho can’t explain.

Risa acted as if she didn’t notice to Riho’s change. And Riho tried not to show her doubtful feeling to Risa. Since then, their relationship looked a little strange to others but it didn’t break up. So it wasn’t an ideal school life though they enjoyed it.

10th chapter

In our lives, something that can’t be predicted could happen.

Riho’s best friend Sakura suddenly came to Riho’s school. She was introduced in front of everyone in the play ground. Usually in high school, there aren’t transfer student. So when they heard about it, they were in high tension.

"Good morning everyone. Today, there’s some exciting news. A transfer student will join our class. Her name is Sakura. Especially, the people in 1st grade, please speak to her at least once today. The next announcement is.... " The head teacher said so and Risa almost shouted.

Even though there were only 4 classes, they couldn’t be the same class and couldn’t even meet.

So Risa sent a message.

"Hi Sakura. Long time no see. I’ll tell you something very surprising that you might shout. The school you transferred to today is my school. I can’t believe it. Let’s meet tomorrow at school. Also, where do you live now? I hope we live in a near place. "

Sakura replied to it.

"Wow, really? That’s unbelievable. I actually shouted. Yes let’s. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I live in Yabuki now. "

11th chapter

Riho and Sakura met at the school in the lunch time. They were really happy with their miracle encounter.

"Sakura!! I might be one of the most fortunate people in the world today. I really wanted to meet you. " Riho said so in a very high voice by jumping.

"Me too. I think I wanted to meet you more than you was. So I am the most fortune people in the world today. " Sakura said in a calm voice that includes excitement.

From the outsider, their conversation was like a lovey-dovey couple. Everyone around them were in a cheerful mood. But, there was only one person in a bad mood. That was Risa. Only Risa frowned and she was staring at them.

From the next day, things changed. Mostly, Risa’s attitude to her classmates changed. She became angry more easily than before and she seemed to be conscious about Sakura being with Riho.

"Risa, did something happen to you? You look strange. " Riho said.

Their relationship wasn’t especially good so Riho actually thought of not asking the question. However, to know how Risa is thinking about the sudden appearance of Sakura, she finally decided to do so. Risa didn’t respond to the question. Then few minutes later she said

"Riho, you will choose me instead of Sakura, right? "

When Risa said that word, she felt her back freeze. At the same time, she was reminded of her friends words at the beginning of the year, that she bullies people if she thought the person annoying. Even though she knew that, she didn’t want to abandon Sakura, her best friend and also a benefactor that helped her when she was depressed. Thinking for a long hours, she made up her mind. So she sent it to Risa.

"Risa, I want to be with YOU and Sakura. I mean I want to be with both. How about being with three of us? " Risa only read it and didn’t comment on anything.

12th chapter

When Riho arrived at school, the atmosphere of the classroom was uneasy and terrifying. It was a hard atmosphere to explain.

Risa was talking with other girls that Riho had never seen before. When Risa noticed that Riho came to school, she made a big smile on her face and came toward Riho so that she thought Risa recognized her feeling. However, she actually wasn’t. They did be together though Risa’s attitude when Sakura was together and not together was absolutely different. When Sakura was together, Risa tried to be in the middle all the time and interrupted Sakura when she began to talk. That reassured the doubtful feeling to Risa.

Riho couldn’t stand her strange relationship with Risa anymore. And she wanted to be liberated from it. So after suffering a lot, she made up her mind.

"Risa, I once thought you understood me. But you actually didn’t right? I think we should go our own way to have a better school life. Don’t you? " Riho said.

"What are you thinking? We are ALWAYS together. If you don’t want to, I won’t care. But I’d recommend you be with me. Anyway, bye. " in a very serious tone and a serious look Riho had never seen. Risa said to it.

13th chapter

A few days later, when Riho entered the classroom, everyone turned their face to her at once. There were people who looked surprised. Though most of them seemed to be wondering about something.

Then she glimpsed at Risa. She was being with the girls Riho saw few days before and laughing loudly like they are the queen of the class. And, even though Risa noticed Riho, she didn’t say anything and looked the other way. So, she decided to go to Sakura’s class. However, Sakura wasn’t there and when Riho could meet Risa afterwards, she was acting a little strange. However other people didn’t feel anything, in Riho’s eyes, Sakura looked as if she is behaving not to be worried by other people. From this, Riho had a thought that is near to 100% that Sakura has been bullied by Risa and her friends. Riho felt a very strong anger she has never felt. It was the first time to feel anger since she lost her feeling. So she couldn’t control it.

"Risa, what are you thinking. You are bullying Sakura with your nasty foolish friend, right? If you are bullying her because of me, I won’t forgive you forever. " Riho said to Risa.

Risa responded to it.

"Oh, you noticed? Well, we are doing something that is near to it though not bullying. If you don’t want to make this matter worse, you had better be with me again and not with Sakura. "

That choice was too mean that Risa was sure at Riho’s answer which means Riho had no choice. So she accepted it and made up her mind to be with them which is a very boring school life. But more than that, she felt bad for Sakura who knows nothing of the situation.

14th chapter

From that day, things changed again. Riho was like being obeyed by a boss. Risa was behaving like she has everything she wanted. The happening made their positional ranking very clear. So, Risa even asked to put her photos on Riho’s SNS account in order to be famous in Riho’s fan, the public. This was the requirement that Risa had once asked. In that time, their position was equal so Risa didn’t say it again to Riho when she said to say the word once more time with a sad face. Not to make Sakura’s memory of the school life as a bad thing, Riho helplessly obeyed to what Risa said. Risa and her friends did not do only this, but also other thing too. For example, Risa sent a message to a famous person that is Riho’s friend selfishly and asked to meet together including Riho. Also asked her to set the place, time and the plan on that day.

No one could stop Risa’s power and only looked at the situation silently.

However, one day, a surprising thing happened.

15th chapter

It happened in the morning when the head teacher was talking about this month’s goal. Everyone, even teachers seemed to be sleepy and actually, some students were really sleeping.

Their school was known as a clever school so students were pretty free. So every time after the all-school assembly, students were able to say something too. Usually, no one raises their hand and everyone is looking at each other if there is someone raising one’s hand. This time, Sakura did. She couldn’t stand that Riho is being a sacrifice of herself. Also, the only way to tell the ability to Riho and Risa, that was the best easiest way. That’s why she made up her mind to tell everyone including people she doesn’t know.

Everyone couldn’t hide their surprise because she was a transfer student that came recently and she didn’t look like a person who does things like this. She went in front of them and said

"Good morning, everyone. I’m Sakura. I raised my hand to say an important thing. It is about my special ability that no one excluding my family knows. I can know people’s feelings and thoughts when I touch the person. " Sakura said with a shivering and higher voice than usual.

When she said it, a commotion happened. There were students saying

"Wow! I want it too. Anyway, let’s give her an applause. "

From those students, there was an applause that praised her courage. On the other hand, there were students speaking ill of her. However, their voices didn’t reach to Sakura’s ears and she only heard the applause. So she made a face that looks so happy and fell down where she was standing.

It was hard to believe it. Riho couldn’t believe it either. She had heard a rumor about it a week ago but she thought it was a bad rumor that Risa made. And because of this, Riho could have hope, a possibility to change her life now.

16th chapter

Sakura was taken to the school infirmary room by Riho. And stayed there until Sakura woke up. She woke up after an hour.

"I’m sorry Sakura. It’s my fault that you were bullied. Are you okay now? " Riho said.

"I have to apologize to you too. I read at your mind. You didn’t look happy to be with Risa. And as I thought, you weren’t. I could also know you were with them because of me too. So you don’t have to feel guilty at all. Also, don’t worry about Risa too. Let’s get out of this situation together. " Sakura said.

From that day, Riho and Sakura were together as much as possible and didn’t speak with Risa and her friends even though they spoke to Riho. Not only that, Riho told what Risa had done to her friends. They did it to convince her friends to keep away from Risa and leave her alone.

As they expected, many people had stopped talking to Risa. Her period had ended. However, those who used be around Risa came around Riho.

"I’m sorry Riho, let’s be friends from now!! " they said so in a casual tone.

They also said

"It’s really funny Risa is alone now. It is a little bit in poor taste though it is worth what she did. Well, I did have a sense that Risa might be a person that do mean things. " with a proud face.

17th chapter

"Why am I being like this now? Why? I bought expensive presents for my friends and also for my family. Well, with my parents card of course. Also I tried to be nice to friends as much as I could, I also got on a hard diet to get in good shape and look better. Why am I being in a situation like this that I have experienced long ago? " That was the only thing Risa thought.

She remembered when she was in the elementary school. She had a friend Mina that was very cute and popular outside of the school too. They used to be friends when they were in kindergarten though things changed at the age of ten. She began using SNS and posting pictures of herself, Risa and other cute friends. Because of her cuteness, she became popular really fast so mean comments increased too. There were comments that said

"Because, there is the girl that isn’t such cute, you look more pretty " and " You must be so kind that you are being with an ordinary girl! "

That made Risa feel inferior to others. So she said to them.

" I can’t stand being said mean things by unknowns. I "ll leave this group. "

" If you want to, I won’t say anything. Bye. " They said.

From the next day, they really didn’t come to Risa’s seat and Risa talked to others. However, everyone tried not to be with her. It was because she was in a group everyone wanted to join. That made them feel jealous. So she spent her rest of her school life alone.

That was the reason why she had a fear of being isolated from other people. She even thought of suicide. Since she came up with the idea, she always thought about how it would happen if she put in to practice and she didn’t even notice if she bumped into someone.

18th chapter

Risa bumped into many people continuously and bumped to Sakura too. Sakura could know the thoughts of Risa because of that. She didn’t like her and even didn’t want to help. But, if she is trying to die, those things aren’t important. Sakura ran to Riho’s class as fast as she could and told her running out of breath.

"Riho!!! Risa is thinking of committing suicide. I can’t leave her alone and I think we shouldn’t. So, let’s talk with her to stop her from doing it. "

" Why? I really don’t care about her. She had done many things that made me feel offended and I have endured that longer than Risa. So it’s OK. She’s just thinking about it. It’s not certain. " Riho said.

Sakura gave up on persuading Riho and went to Risa’s seat and said

"Risa, I want to talk with you. Come here today. Not tomorrow definitely today. "

Risa seemed to be confused but said "Yes. "

19th chapter

The time is 5 P.M. and Risa came to the place where Sakura said to come.

"Risa, you are thinking of suicide, right? Are you sure that if you do that? You will die and can’t live your life in the other place! " Sakura said.

"Of course. I can’t tell this to my mom so I can’t change schools. So, I can’t run away from this situation. Well, if I die, I can. " Risa said.

"Why do you care about it so much? If time goes by, no one will say anything about you. " Sakura said.

"I know about such things. But I can’t stand it. " Risa said.

"Then, how about apologizing to Riho. I think she will forgive you. " Sakura said.

"That’s impossible. Riho had once said that she won’t forgive me if I bully you. Also, if I apologize and Riho doesn’t say accept it, everyone will speak ill of me again. Then the time I have to endure will be longer. " Risa said.

"Then I’ll change the question. Do you want to apologize to Riho if none is around you? " Sakura asked.

"Of course I do. I’m really feeling guilty to you and Riho. I want to apologize to you too. I had done mean things to you and I’m really sorry. " Riho said so with her knee on the ground.

"It’s okay. I can understand your feeling and thoughts very well. I’ll forgive you. However, I still don’t like you and don’t believe you but let’s be friends and hang out sometimes on weekends. " Riho said. She shook her hand too.

Then, Sakura noticed that Risa’s feeling and thoughts were changing in a good way. Her feeling escaped from the black cloud and the sunshine came in.

20th chapter

Suddenly, Riho appeared. She was hiding behind the desk silently and listening to their conversation from the beginning. Riho was very impressed at Risa’s words and behavior. Also, because Sakura forgave her, she thought Risa’s words were real. So she talked about the good memories from the deep place and had a conversation like Sakura and Risa did. That made Risa’s heart whiter and brighter.

After they finished talking, outside was so dark and 2 hours had passed. However, they thought they would be scolded by their parents and teachers, their face seemed to be really happy.

21st chapter

Riho and Sakura solved their problems together for long time and finally finished solving all of them. At that time, Riho noticed that she has many kinds of feelings. Like happiness, sadness, anger and jealousy. Also, she nearly forgot her boring life. Now, her life is filled with happiness. Sakura was happy too. It’s because she doesn’t have to try hiding her ability. Not only that, but also she could use it for helping people. She used to think that ability as a bad thing and hated it so much. So she was happier. They talked about the change that happened to themselves.

"I’m so happy now. I’ve never felt such happiness. Why did this happen? " Riho said.

"Hmm. I think it’s because we tried to move on from ourselves not just receiving things. You have changed from the person who you used to be. " Sakura said.

Riho looked back at all the things that happened to her and said…

"Yeah, that might be right. Sakura, how about you? "

"I could have a good opportunity using my ability and I could finally find the good point of it. I really want to thank Risa in that meaning. " Sakura said so and laughed.

They promised to be together and keep in touch even if any of them move.

"I’m sure we are the best partners in the world. Let’s help each other and make the best of our school life to make a great memory! " Riho said in a bright voice.

  Attribution > Written by  YuiA student at Den-en Chofu Gakuen