Why Extensive Reading Central?

So, why did we build this site?

We built it for you. For us. The EFL Community.

Our aim is to make ER-Central the go-to place for everything Extensive Reading

We built it for our students so we can help them to read.

We built it for teachers who need to learn about Extensive Reading and Extensive Listening – how to do it, how to set up and run an ER program, where to find out about books and even buy some in our store.

We built it for authors, so they can learn how to write better materials and get their work  in front of learners.

We built it for researchers to find currently published work and network with others.

We built it for publishers so they can contact us all and we can contact them.

What about the other ER sites?

The Extensive Reading Foundation site is to set standard for the ER community rather than  have information for teachers and students.

Extensivereading.net has lots of wonderful information but some of it is quite dated now. It’s not interactive. Tom Robb has kindly offered to merge his information with that here to make ER-Central to go-to place for Extensive Reading

Rob Waring’s ER site has lots of information and he has kindly allowed much of his information to be merged with this site.

Come and help us build the ER community!