Extensive Reading Central allows you to donate texts for students to read here on ER Central under a creative commons crowd- sourcing licence (i.e you will not be paid but you’ll be famous forever and your students will love you more). The aim of the reading environment is to allow anyone to submit texts for anyone to use regardless of their location, first language and so on. We want ER-Central to be the world’s biggest and best free graded text archive available to anyone, at any time, anywhere and all for free – forever.

Making texts – it’s easy

1. Read the help file to see how it works in detail. You may want to review the terms and conditions

2. Login or Sign up. (we need you to do this so we can attribute the work to you.)

3. Open the Text Creation Editor. This tool allows you to create the texts.  You can review your own texts in your My Texts Panel (after login)

The texts you upload are yours. You hold copyright and you can remove them any time you wish. You should not upload any texts which infringe copyright. You can read some guidelines for our copyright code here.

Give it a try…. The more texts we have the more students will come.