ELTIC 2019

 These are some useful links from the workshops

The Powerpoint is here  and covers both talks -the Missing piece of the puzzle and How to set up an ER program

Questionnaire about extensive reading

Fill in this questionnaire to help us with research and to find out more about extensive reading


The International organization to promote Extensive Reading main page. Lots of useful links here.

Guide to ER in Bahasa

Graded Reading scale

List of publishers by level

The best graded readers

HUGE list of graded readers with ISBNs

MReader the free online Quiz system

The Indonesian Extensive Reading Association

Main page

Facebook page


Thousands of free reading and listening texts are here. Teachers sign up students and track their learning

Learn about Extensive Reading


Online reading system with graded readers


4000 free lessons – listening with scripts, quiz, grammar and vocabulary

sound grammar


Free courses in how to use online tools to make lessons.  Sign up today.

You can buy books here


Mentari Media


Global Books