Here are a few pics of our English Resource Center at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. We converted a laboratory to this nice room. It currently (2012) holds about 2,200 books. Approximately 75% are fiction, 20% are non-fiction, and 5% are bilingual study guides for TOEIC/TOEFL.

Fiction books are on the swivel racks. Magazines and non-fiction books are on the shelves. I tried to divide the non-fiction books into sensible categories; you might see signs at the top of the shelves.  I got some sticky clear sleeves to put on the face of each shelf so that they hold labels which help to identify each non fiction section better.

We also have 4 computers, a large-screen TV, and DVD player in this room, out of view of the camera. During the year, we set up a special table to display books set aside for certain courses (Current English for human health and nutrition topics) or purposes (biographies with quizzes).

There’s also a barcode scanner in operation that part-time student staff use to check books in and out. The software (ResourceMate, Jaywil, Guelph, Canada) allows good tracking, barcode labeling, and student contact information.

Thanks to Glen Hill