Checking learners’ reading level


One very important aspect of individualized reading is to ensure the students can find books at their own level.

A ‘Comfort Zone’ Check

1.       Photocopy a page from the middle of one book at each level in your series. Try to choose a book and page which best shows that level. If you have 6 levels, you’ll have 6 pages.

2.       Place them in level order on a sheet of paper (A3 is often best) as below.  Mark each level clearly.

[DESIGN put in 6 mock-up pages from Graded readers  something like this]

      Level 1                            Level 2                           Level 3








      Level 4                            Level 5                           Level 6








3.        Photocopy this page – one for each student.

4.       Explain to the students that they should start at a middle level, say level 3 or 4. They should read it and decide if it is:-

a) easy (they don’t need a dictionary and only a few words are unknown),

b) they can read it quickly, and

c) they understand almost all of it.

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’ they should move down a level, and if ‘yes’ they should move up a level. They should continue to do this until they find their comfort level

Note: This is only an approximate guide, but will give the students a chance to find out what level they feel comfortable with.