OGTE About

The Online Graded Text Editor (OGTE) is a FREE tool for teachers and materials writers who wish to grade their texts to various vocabulary difficulty levels.

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The Quick Guide

OGTE is optimized for Windows Firefox, but works acceptably on some Mac OSX browsers. It’s not working well on Windows IE yet.

OGTE is here 

 There is a more detailed step-by-step guide here.

 What OGTE is not

OGTE is not meant to;

  • be a definitive vocabulary analysis tool. Only you know your audience, so OGTE is only a guide to help you see which words might cause problems
  • replace teachers or authors, rather it is to assist them.

What data does OGTE collect?

OGTE does not store your texts. OGTE analyses the exported texts to determine whether your choices of IN LIST, OUT OF LIST and OUT OF LEVEL choices match OGTE’s. These data will be used to determine the integrity of the wordlist and will be used to make recommendations for changes.  These data are stored as numbers not as words.

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