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The North Wind and the Sun
- By CompassMedia

The north wind and the sun were arguing. The wind laughed and said, "I am much stronger than you, Sun. You cannot move the trees or the water like I can!"

The sun disagreed and said, "I think I'm stronger than you, Wind."

They looked down and saw a man walking along a road. They decided to have a competition. The winner would be the one who made the traveler take off his coat.

The wind tried first. It blew and almost took the man's coat off. But the man pulled his coat tighter around himself. The wind blew even more strongly, but the man just pulled his coat on more tightly.

Then it was the sun's turn. It began shining gently on the man. The man opened his coat. Soon, the man took off his coat and put it across his shoulders. The sun kept shining gently until the man took off his coat and put it in his bag.

The sun had won.

  Attribution > This text was kindly donated to by KC Kang of Compass Media from Reading Wise 1 for product promotion and cannot be copied or stored on any device without prior written agreement from Compass Media. Image;