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Which browsers does it work on?

OGTE has undergone a huge re-build in the past few months and should work smoothly on all browsers.

OGTE Crashed. What do I do?

If for whatever reason it crashes or freezes or just seems to work oddly, then you can refresh OGTE by selecting CMD+R for Macintosh and CTRL+F5 for Windows or by selecting the Reset OGTE button. Note that doing this will delete your data and any changes you have made. Our suggestion is you select Export Text and save it to your computer before refreshing. You may also wish to export the analysis in the analysis windows. After refresh, you’ll need to select your list and level again.

The wordlists

OGTE has several wordlists

 General list with 20 levels that match the cut off points  in the Extensive Reading Foundation Level scale. For example, Level 1 contains all the top 50 most important words (and their family members) in English. Level 2 includes all the top 100 most important words in English, Level 3, the top 200, and so on. . The equivalence chart for how the ERF Levels match currently published graded readers is here. Please note that the General List only matches headwords bands in the ERF Levels scale and is not an approved ERF Wordlist (there is in fact, no ERF recommended wordlist) but uses our own words derived from corpus research and teacher intuition. The list is not perfect and never will be, and you are likely to disagree with some choices we made. We will be collecting data from users and will modify the list based on actual use.

The NGSL (the New General Service List) with permission from Dr. Charles Browne and colleagues

 The NAWL (the New Academic Wordlist) with permission from Dr. Charles Browne and colleagues

The TOEIC Service list

The Business Service List

The Oxford 3000 is a list produced by Oxford University press as their dictionary definition list

The Cambridge University KET, PET and FCE lists

The Cambridge University’s Starters Movers Flyers

The CEFR A1-B2 lists

The COCA 5000 is a list generously added by permission of Mark Davies

If you want us to add a list, please let us know.

Can I add my own wordlist?

Yes. We offer a custom version. Go to our Custom Versions page for details.

 What data does OGTE collect?

OGTE cannot collect any personally identifiable data nor does OGTE store any data of any kind.  When you load OGTE it loads the code on your browser and all calculations are done there.